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Guilla Boyz Entertainment, L.L.C.: Success Stories

Be The Change You Want To See!!

Posted on July 13, 2017 with 0 comments

We want to send a big shoutout to JoJo's and Papaw's Pizza in Harrisburg, IL for displaying an unparalleled commitment to their community along with supporting Guilla Gear Apparel!! 💯

We all must be held accountable for the change that we would like to see in our own communities... Despite what people may think, one person CAN make a difference! 

Visit Papaw's Pizza @ 701 N. Commercial St. in Harrisburg, IL. and JoJo's Lounge @ 212 E. Sloan in Harrisburg, IL

#BeTheChange #StopTheViolence #IAmGuilla #GuillaGearWorldWide


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A Brand New Flava!!

Posted on July 13, 2017 with 0 comments

D.O.P.E. women not only make life better!! They make life TASTE better as well!!

Reach out to Chef Meleka McGee and shock ya tastebuds with her Electric Flava seasoning!! 

Visit and gets yours today!!

#ElectricFlava #BeDOPEbyAnyMeans #GuillaGearWorldWide


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Cockident Success Story

Posted on June 5, 2017 with 0 comments

What can Guilla Gear Apparel do for you?? 

Who knew a small investment in yourself, such as a t-shirt, could have a huge impact on your life?? Mark Hamilton made that investment and proved that he is indeed a Gifted Unique Individual Livin' Life Accomplishin'!! He went on to create his own #Cockident movement to pass that Cocky and Confident inspiration along.... Reach out to him and support the movement @

Will YOU be the next Guilla Gear success story??? 

#IAmGuilla #DesireToInspire #GuillaGearWorldWide #Cockident



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