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Guilla Boyz Entertainment, L.L.C.: GB Updates

We Need YOUR Help!! - March 10, 2015

WDBX Community Radio 91.1FM is a 501c Non-Profit Organization. We receive our funding thru our relationships with underwriters and donations from YOU, our listeners!! We value the relationships that we've built and the new ones on the horizon. If you would like to become a member of our WDBX Community Club or just offer your support, feel free to click the link below and donate... We definitely appreciate YOU!!


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GB on Facebook - March 1, 2015

I Am Guilla Promo - February 17, 2015

Radio At Its Finest!! - December 16, 2014


Independent Artist Showcase - August 7, 2014

Have you been on the radio yet??? Here's your opportunity to showcase your talents to a wider audience…. Send us your bio along with 2-3 clean songs to to be considered for the Independent Artist Showcase!! 

NEED PROMOTION?? - January 15, 2014

For a simple and effective way to promote your company/brand, record a drop for the Guilla Boyz Mixxshow on WDBX 91.1FM....  Send completed drops to or contact us for more details....

Sample Script (Feel free to improvise)

This is [Name Here] with [Company Name] and you’re tuned in to the freshest Mixx in Southern Illinois, “The Guilla Boyz Mixxshow wit’ ya main man Mr. Monte Plus on WDBX Radio 91.1FM

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