Company Description

Guilla Boyz Entertainment, LLC is a multimedia production company that produces audiovisual projects for promotional and marketing purposes. Our projects range from radio broadcasts and podcasts, sound design, demo production and arrangement to marketing theme music for businesses, sports teams, and other clients. The company is based in Centralia, IL, but we are currently operating in Carbondale, IL and the surrounding areas. 

Our Mission

The GB brand embodies the essence of the Phoenix, a mythical creature that disintegrates into ashes only to be reborn stronger than before. We visualize an industry where creativity and passion meets a desire for growth. This merger leads to reinvention on every level. Our products and services tap into our clients’ and customers’ inner core. The acronym, GUILLA (Gifted, Unique Individuals Livin’ Life Accomplishin'), not only applies on an individual level, it also applies to our client’s overall brand identity. At the most basic level, we seek to learn what drives our client’s brand, destroy what’s not working and rebuild the foundation.


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